I and my husband, friend and partner in life’s adventures went to the bookstore the other day to spend a gift certificate.  It was a pretty big store so we split up to pursue our own interests.  My last comment to him before he disappeared down another aisle was, “I’m gonna hang out in the cookbook section for a few minutes”.   Let the browsing begin!

Betty Crocker's CookbookAlmost immediately I heard a very quiet voice say to me, “The cookbook section is a good place to hang out”.  It was coming from a young woman sitting on the floor, cross legged, also looking at cookbooks.  I agreed with her and told her about my cookbook collecting vice.  She was so excited to talk about her recently acquired copy of the “old Betty” [Betty Crocker Cookbook] and was reminiscing about what she had learned about cooking from her mother. She was equally excited to compare and contrast  the “old Betty” and the “new Betty” which she had in her hand.

Her excitement was contagious. That brief friendly encounter made my day. Serendipity.

Quirky food pairings…

Sweet pickles and gravy… do I eat it? Will I ever tell you? Who knows?

Quirky food pairings are kind of interesting though. For example, ketchup on waffles is one I’m willing to own up to. I used to have a chemistry teacher who got a big kick out of telling us he liked mustard on apple pie. I think he just liked to watch our faces scrinch up. Come to think of it, there was this one student who wasn’t phased by the idea. Hmmmm. A gherkin in the martini. Dill pickles in a peanut butter sandwich. And so on and so forth, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Oops! I withdraw the nauseam part. Jump right in here if you have a quirky food pairing of your own that you’re willing to ‘fess up to.

What’s not to like about a cookbook.  I admit to being a cookbook collector.  My collecting habit has had to undergo some evolutions for the sake of space!  First it was any old cookbook in a storm! Even my garage is getting full.  Yikes!  Space is one of the problems with cookbooks!

Narrowing the field down with a theme would undoubtedly buy back some of my garage!  Let it be history since I am something of a history freak.  Some really cool ones have come across my path.  But the problem is Space — still!

Finally, I had to put the brakes on the theme.  Now I’ve narrowed it down to history + unique to Oregon!  Now I’m cookin’.  History.   Regional cuisine!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

Speaking of regional cuisine, try this for the best of the Northwest!  Freshwater Salmon steak — about 1″ thick, brushed with butter and broiled.  Baked Idaho potato with sour cream and home grown chives snipped from the window box.  Fresh salad greens ‘gemmed up’ with sparkling cherry tomatoes from the local farmer’s market.  White wine accent.  Now that’s some kind of fabulous!

I’m pretty sure I’ll have some more to say about cookbook collecting from time to time, seasoned conservatively with my two cents worth about the current policital scene and politics in general.

End in sight

I will be sooooo glad when this political season is over.  Weary!  That’s the best way I know to describe all the back ‘n’ forth, push-me pull-you political posturing.  But its impossible to stay away from it.  It is an election like no other I’ve seen, and that has been a bushel basket full.  Raised conservative, jumping the Republican ship at the intersection of Watergate and Whatever, and finally coming to rest on an Independent rock in stormy waters, I say “let them wonder what I’m gonna do”.

One of the best things that has come out of this political season is the Huckabee show on the Fox News Network.  What can I say.  I’m still conservative with a limited subset of liberal leanings.

Think I should consider a different blog where I can rant and rave.  I’d rather keep this one a little more laid back, eclectic and philosophical.

OK.  I’ve been saying I was going to try this out, this blog thing!  We’ll see how it goes.  This obviously is my first post.  I guess you would have to say it will be eclectic in nature–kind of like a plate full of sweet pickles and gravy!  A few nonsensical ramblings.  A smattering of thoughts about food.  Some reminiscences.  (Uh, oh!  there goes the spelling alert.)

I like a challenge.  A few infrequent posts surely won’t cost me much time.  🙂